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Soups & Salads

Portobello Boursin Bisque


Dinner Salad VG

Choice of Dressing


Steak and Spinach Salad

Spinach - blue cheese - tomato - onion - cucumber and croutons


Kitchen Sink Salad GF

Iceberg - goat cheese - onion - cucumber - tomato - salami - shrimp - pepperoncini - castelvetrano olives - artichoke - hearts of palm - house vinaigrette


Little Plates

Fried Broccoli VG

Sambal aioli


Spinach Artichoke Dip VG

Crisp pita chips


Deviled Eggs GF

Mustard - kewpie mayo - sriracha - wasabi


Lamb Meatballs

Marinara - Polenta


Seasoned Fries VG

Chipotle aioli


Pork Belly

Kim chi - fried shallots


Garlic Shrimp

Whipped Feta - Hummus


Big Plates

General Tso Cauliflower VG

Baby bok choy - snap peas


Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut

Garlic miso cream cheese mashed potatoes - asparagus - crispy capers - lemon beurre banc



Garlic miso mashed potatoes - haricot verts - sweet tomato glaze


3 Bone Pork Chop

Root vegetable stuffing - demi glace



Shrimp Fried Rice - Soy Aioli


Cheese Burger

Smoked cheddar - chipotle aioli - caramelized onions - seasoned fries


Pot Roast GF

Garlic miso cream cheese mashed potatoes - carrots - peas


Filet Mignon GF

Garlic miso cream cheese mashed potatoes - asparagus - chimichurri


Duck Stroganoff

Mushrooms - egg noodle - truffle sour cream


New York Strip GF

Garlic miso cream cheese mashed potatoes - sauteed mushrooms - horseradish cream



Shrimp Fried Rice

Cannot be substituted for entree sides


Street Corn GF

Kewpie mayo and cotija cheese


Vegetable side GF


meal, dish, plate

Sweets & Dessert Cocktails

*The dessert menu changes daily and may be different than the menu below. Please ask your server for an updated dessert menu.

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake


Chocolate Indulgence Cake


Dark Chocolate Pressed Old Fashioned

Kohler dark chocolate brandy, Bauchant orange cognac, cocoa nibs, sugar, muddled fruit, soda



Aged cognac with flavors of orange, tangerine and honey


Triple Chocolate Truffle

Dorda double chocolate liqueur, white chocolate cream liqueur, whipped cream vodka, chocolate shavings


B & B


Substitutions will incur a charge . Split entree is $5. Extra plate is free. Ask your server if an item can be made gluten free with substitutions. Please make your server aware of all allergies before ordering. $4 charge for upgrading from starch to vegetable.

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